Day #6 of Gratitude

What in nature are you grateful for?

I’m grateful that I live in a place that has, for the most part, four distinct seasons. I love the cool air and crunchy leaves in the fall; the gentle snow and quiet of winter; the renewal and warmth of spring; and the sunshine and thunderstorms of summer.

And I’m grateful to have the opportunity to experience nature in new places. This past weekend, we were in Colorado, a place I had never been. Seeing the hills and mountains and trees and wildlife was absolutely amazing. I wish we had stayed another day or two so that we could have explored some trails.


Day #5 of Gratitude

What sound are you grateful for today?


I am grateful for the voice of my daughter saying “mama!” She said “dada” so early on that it became a running joke that we believed she could say mama, she just thought it was funny not to!

But now it’s an everyday occurrence. And she isn’t at the age yet where it’s “mom, mom, mommy, mom!” Although I’m sure those days are coming. So I am going to soak it in and let my cup runneth over every time I hear that sweet voice.

Day #4 of Gratitude

What food are you most grateful for?

ALL. THE. FOOD! Which is probably why I’m fat. 😀 Some of my favorite foods are pizza, sushi, coffee, ice cream. I love trying new things. I don’t get a lot of opportunity to try interesting foods which is part of why I love going on cruises. They have foods I wouldn’t eat at home like alligator fritters…so yummy! And at the ports we get to try local foods. When we were in Costa Maya, Mexico, we had a wonderful spread of traditional food like tamales and hibiscus water! It was fantastic.

Day #3 of Gratitude

What color are you grateful for?

I’ve never really thought of being grateful for a color. My favorite color is purple, pretty much any shade. For our wedding, my bridesmaids wore the color sangria from David’s Bridal. THAT is my favorite color. Not quite purple, not quite pink. A wonderful fall color…almost like a plum. We got married in spring and it was perfect for that too!

Day #2 of Gratitude

What technology are you grateful for?


I am actually really grateful for smartphones. Sure, they can be a real time-suck what with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, but they are also a wonderful tool! You literally have the world at your fingertips. You get amber alerts, weather alerts, you always have a map with you, you can be up to date on the news, you can call or video chat with your friends and family, take pictures, settle a debate, and basically look up the answer to any question.

I love my smartphone but I do try to balance how much I use it. I give people my full attention when they are talking to me, I put it away on date nights, and I NEVER have it out when I’m driving. No call, text, notification is worth your, or someone else’s, life. *end soapbox rant*

Day #1 of Gratitude

What smell are you grateful for today?32d598c6c4e5fd0d1614dcd2c8a80a7d

Wow, what smell? Day 1 and already making me think! How often do you think about what smell you are grateful for? Well, I’m not in school anymore, but I love this back to school time of year. I love the smell of crayons, notebooks, folders, glue, pencils. I love how a school smells. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school but I guarantee if I walked into any school right now, all of the memories would come flooding back. The first day of 13 years of school.

And the smell of books! I do love my Kindle but there’s nothing like having a physical book in your hands. I will always buy books, buy my daughter books, and go to libraries!


An attitude of gratitude

While scouring Pinterest for inspiring and motivational quotes, I came across this 30 Days of Gratitude prompt. Since I’m working on being grateful and September has 30 days, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get back in to blogging as well as accomplishing the goal of having a grateful heart. d77ffc8732f32b0a99335f85a76cae6e

I’m going to be pre-writing about a week or so of these as we’ll be on vacation and I don’t think we’re planning to bring the laptop with us. Also, I’m sure I’ll be busy and may not always get in a post. So I hope you’ll join me on this journey of gratitude and enjoy my posts along the way!